Sunday, April 24, 2011

Warehouse & BoogiePop Phantomz

So I was listening to music on Itunes when i came across a few tracks by Warehouse which I have never even heard of to begin with! But apparently it consists of DJ Kue and Melee Beats which i am huge fans of! I had 4 tracks & my favorite one was Upside Down which i plan on using in my sets it was just amazing!

Warehouse - Upside Down (Original Mix)

& also if you haven't heard of BoogiePop Phantomz they are an amazing French House duo straight out of the I.E with The Bunny Hut. They just played at the Energy Factory stage at Coachella. They recently released a new track that is amazing check it out & make sure you check out all of their other work on their soundcloud as well.

Inspired by You (Original Mix) by BoogiePop Phantomz

Posted by: The N (Mike Honcho)