Friday, July 30, 2010

Can i rant?

So today i wanna talk about some stuff that has been bugging me lately maybe post some tracks & videos & talk about some stuff like how lame Gotham City is or youtube celebrity Dj Bl3nd. Sp to start Dj Bl3nd, what do people find in this guy seriously all he does is wear a chukie mask, dance around like a dumbass, & plays mainstream music that isnt so mainstream, get it? The dumb people that love this guy actually believe that he is creating music & they say oh i have a bunch of dj blend in my ipod. No you dont you have a bunch of afrojack & Laidback luke tracks on your ipod.
His blends aren't even that smooth he literally does almost nothing at all watch.

This guy isn't gonna make it anywhere if you don't produce that's about as far as you will get.
& Gotham City Fridays.... who isn't going there these days? nope its only sheeple, ptots, whatever you wanna call them all the people that randomly started jumping in to the scene with their new style of jackets & skinny jeans whats wrong with these people? couldnt they just stick to their hip hop or whatever they listened to? they are only killing the scene i can't go to a rave or club without being annoyed at all these people here. you have all heard about that girl that died at edc right? well thanks to her all Insomniac Events are now 18+ which is actually a good think in my opinion although im not quite that age yet but because of that they are considering stopping alot of raves and it kind of ruins it for some people doesn't it?
Moving on I just heard LAZRtag's Australia Mixtape & it was banging! i was always a follower of their work from even when they where just Luvtek & Addison they guys were tearing up the club scene, they have some new tracks coming out soon like their remix of datarock's "Dance!" * klepto which is previewed in their mixtape so check it out here's the mixtape & a couple of their tracks old & new.

LAZRtag - Australia 2010 Mix

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (LAZRtag remix)

Passion Pit - Little Secrets (Lazrtag Club Remix)

The Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go (LAZRtag Remix)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Reward Is Some Satisfying Chords

so up there is a mashup of chips, mashups aren't always good for example this bag of munchies could do without the pretzels. Down there is a mashup of three huge tracks. when i saw the title i didn't really think much of it but this track is fire! it could use without certain parts but for a mashup of not just two but three tracks its crazy!

Deadmau5 Vs. Benny benassi - The Reward Is Some Satisfying Chords (STEEP Bootleg)


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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here you go.

To be honest I'm kind of embarrassed to post some of these due to how old some might be but if i had the time i would have been posting these individually during the week. But come check out the blog every couple of days I'll mostly have posts just like these(:

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streishand (O-God Remix)
This track has been on repeat since i got my hands on it i cant wait for the original to come out!

Kelis - 4th Of July (Fireworks)(Burns Remix)

i really like the hook in this one. its one of my favorites right now.

Lady Gaga - Alejandro (Skrillex Club Mix)

Skkrillex has been killing it lately! at first i didn't like the idea of Sonny Moore doing this kind of stuff but he really surprised me.

Don Rimini - All About (Original Mix)
This track just makes me feel like being at a massive party1 hence Nlarge Your Parties. Don Rimini never disappoints this sound just sounds familiar to me without having heard it before but in a good way.

The Disco Villains - Crickets (Dopefish Remix)

The Disco Villains - Crickets (Peacetreaty Remix)

I Didn't know which crickets remix to post so i tried deciding which one was better so i put both because they're both awesome in their own way

Classixx - I'll Get You (Gigamesh Remix)
I was always a fan of Gigamesh & Classixx i don't know why i barely came across this.


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